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Erfelijkheid, DNA, Kanker en de familie: een foutje in de stamboom


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A deadly inheritance: how to tell the children

* In families where there is an inherited risk of cancer, children cope better when the family is willing to discuss what is happening, according to Alison Metcalfe, professor of health care research at King's College, London.

* There is no "right" age to bring up the subject with your children, but try not to keep secrets, Professor Metcalfe advises.

* Talk to the whole family, not just those directly at risk.

* Each child's needs varies according to developmental stage. Gradually build children's knowledge – they may need to hear an explanation several times.

* Check their understanding, because children worry about upsetting their parents so may not ask all the questions they want to.

* Give the name (BRCA1/BRCA2 gene), as knowing it can help give children a sense of control.

* Reassure that carrying the gene is not the same as having cancer.

* Discuss any information children find on the internet or in newspapers.

Artikel in The Independent van vandaag

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