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Van der Horst/Vanderhorst

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Peter Miebies

Op mijn blog heb ik een post staan getiteld "Dutch Ancestors", zie

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. Daaruit komen nog al eens contacten voort met buitenlandse, in dit geval Amerikaanse nazaten van emigranten uit Nederland. Van eentje heb ik nu een aantal gegevens gekregen m.b.t. de naam Vanderhorst, meer waarschijnlijk Van der Horst. Ik zet die gegevens integraal hieronder. Ik kan mensen, die contact wensen met deze Amerikaanse dame, haar e-mailadres ter beschikking stellen. Correspondentie in principe alleen in het Engels.

"Johannes Vanderhorst (1662-1717) is my  7th great-grandfather. His daughter Sabina married Colonel Thomas Lynch (1675-1738), my 6th great-grandfather, who had a plantation on Wando Neck near what is now Charleston, SC.

There seem to have been other Vanderhorsts besides Johannes in this area of SC, near Charleston. One book I read mentions Arnoldus Vanderhorst (p.59) as having a plantation nearby. This book is Down and Dirty: Archeology of the South Carolina Lowcountry, by M. Patrick Hendrix. The chapter beginning "The Charleston Frontier . . . " mentions Vanderhorsts, and also gives some general historical background about immigrants from Europe. It's interesting how he brings in archaeology.

I believe Dutch ships supplied a number of slaves to Barbados in the mid-1600s (I have other ancestors from Barbados). The first Barbados settlers were mainly English, I think, but some may have been Dutch. Some good books are available on the early history of Barbados and the conflicts there. Among the conflicts, I recall in general some trade wars with the Dutch.

Attached is a document on which I've copied from Ancestry.com a few clues about Johananes Vanderhorst's ancestry, as well as some other sources of information. You could trace him and/or his wife upward to their ancestors just by finding public family trees and then verifying them with some documentation."

Het bedoelde document staat hieronder.

"This is a typical “public family tree†for Johannes Vanderhorst (1662-1717) from Ancestry.com. He has 16 public trees there.

All these trees say he was an immigrant from the Netherlands to Charleston, SC.  Essentially, they give him the same parents, the same wife, and the same marriage year.

Only his children vary. Some say he had a child John (1689-1740) and perhaps also a Dingeman, who died in 1797.  I have not looked for possible children of these two sons, but that could be a good lead.

Here’s the sample tree:


Johannes VanDerHorst



Breda, Breda, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands



Charleston, Dorchester, South Carolina, United States

Family Info


Adrian VanDerHorst (1630-1662)


Maria Cornelia van der Horst (1640-1662)


Maria VanDerLoo (1665-1711)

Married 1685


Sabina (1691-1773)

You can find the other 15 public trees on Ancestry, for more bits of information.

Johannes Vanderhorst seems also to be one of the first settlers of South Carolina, arriving between 1670-94.  He is on the U.S. and Canada Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, with this bibliography:

Source Bibliography: BALDWIN, AGNES LELAND. First Settlers of South Carolina 1670-1700. Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1985. 268p.

Page: 238

For his marriage date and name, Ancestry cites the Netherlands, Genlias Marriage Index, 1795-1944 (in Dutch)."

Hoop dat er mensen zijn die hier iets in herkennen.

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Heb je een specifieke vraag, wil je bevestiging van de Ancestrybronnen, zoals de doop van Johannes in 1662 in Breda?

Heb je al gezocht via

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Frappant dat zowel de vader als de moeder in zijn geboortejaar zijn overleden.

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Peter Miebies


nee, geen specifieke vraag. Ik hoop alleen dat er contact tot stand kan komen tussen Nederlandse nazaten van de mensen die in het bewuste document worden genoemd en mijn Amerikaanse contact. Ik vind het verder niet op mijn weg liggen om verder speurwerk te doen. Er staan nu in totaal 72 blogs op mijn site van vnl. Amerikaanse nazaten van Nederlandse emigranten. In die 72 blogs komen in totaal 253 namen aan de orde. Als ik daar allemaal in moet duiken dan, nou ja, je snapt wat ik bedoel.



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Het is me nu duidelijk

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/emoticons/default_cool.gif" alt="8}">

Ik hoop voor je dat op deze manier er contact wordt gelegd en meer mensen de weg vinden naar de families op je website.

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